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Affiliates: Partners in Crime
celtic_cherokee wrote in avatarfilm_fans
Please comment here if you wish to be listed amongst our affiliates! :)

avatar_2009 | avatar_fan_art | avatarfanfic
avatarmovie | citadel_icons | still_epics
mated_for_life | Eywas Pandora RPG


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Hi! I'd love to affiliate with avatarfilm_fans with Eywa's Pandora the first Avatar rpg online. :D

Hope the post was allowed, I'd really love to affiliate! Hugs.

Hey there!

Just opened the Jake/Neytiri community, mated_for_life and I was wondering if you'd like to be affiliates?

Thanks! Would you be okay with me making a post about the community as well?


Greetings, I would very much like to become an affiliate of avatarfilm_fans if you are interested. I have just set up an Avatar dedicated, off LJ fanfiction archive, which I hope to temp people to come and use.

Thank you for your consideration.
Hometree: Avatar Fanfiction Archive

Would you like to affiliate with avatar_land? It's a brand new interactive challenge community and we're in need of members so is there any chance I could pimp it here?

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