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Torin Thistleback
dark_kari wrote in avatarfilm_fans
Well, I checked and I didn't see any rules for this(or against it for that matter) But if it is, then just delete it.

BUT since this is film FANS and really don't want to see a community die, I thought Id kick start things with an introduction post.(How typical right?)

Im usually called Kari online and I really thought this was one of the best movie I have seen in quite a while, It was really beautiful. I saw "Pandora" on the screen and my first thought was "Wow, this place is really lovely"

And then the Na'Vi, Gosh they have really nice smiles.(Jake's is super nice lol) And so many other expressive faces but their smile is my absolute favorite. I loved the Tree of Soul's, that was also really pretty and all

And, Jake/Neytiri is really cute and she's super lucky to have Jake.(And im a Slash/Yaoi fan >.> I never say that lol) But she really is, real or not. They have a really sweet relationship!

Well I guess that's it for this, I would go on more about my interest but that would be going *off topic* and I checked the rules >.> Dont want to do that.

Again if this isn't allowed..well Delete it >.<

Look forward to meeting other fans and seeing awesome icons, fan vids,fiction and everything from you guys.

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It's totally allowed. :P Thanks for posting up an intro. I'm glad to see some feedback. I totally agree about Jake and Neytiri, they were really fun together and it was fun to watch things develop. Welcome aboard and thanks for the initiative. :D


Awesome! Your welcome!

and they so were lol, perfect pair x3

Thanks for having me :)

they do have really nice smiles! ha glad I'm not the only one who thinks so :)
the Na'Vi are so pretty

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